Art at Site	Solano Ignacio	Perez	Art is a strong instrument for a clear identity.


Art is a strong instrument for a clear identity.
Art made by Solano Ignacio Perez can merit Rotterdam.
You can find this art in Chicago.

More etnical art would merit Rotterdam

Even though many artworks focus on social affairs (with in many cases an etnical element) there are a few artworks specially dedicated to an etnical theme. Emphasising essential meanings of an ethnical group, minority group of social communities would merit Rotterdam.

Critical art

Inspiring cities can be Hong Kong (15%), Prague (8%), Moscow (8%) with a great number of artworks who criticize the government or other powerful institution.

More romantique art

The downside of the great numbers of minimal art is the lack of art in the romantique style and figurative art. Many artworks are very expressive and sometimes less easy-looking.

Key-words of the projects in Rotterdam: ethnical, romantique, critical, figurative.

Five pieces of art are chosen from Chicago, The Hague, Hong Kong and Moscow.

More projects

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